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    Love David

    • Tuesday, 21 March, 2017

    quantitative book 6

    Please how do I solve quantitative reasoning book 6 test 1 example 1c

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    Olatunji, Oluremi

    • Tuesday, 21 March, 2017
    Hello David, The solution of Test 1C is as follows: Addition of the first and the last numbers on a row will give you a certain number which should be equal to the number that will be obtained when you multiply the two numbers at the centre. Example; 4 plus 5= 9,9 multiplied by1=9; 3 plus 4= 7, 7 multiplied by 1=7; 3 plus 3= 6, 3 multiplied by 2=6; 2 plus 7= 9, 3 multiplied by 3=9; 1 plus 2= 3, 3 multiplied by 1=3. Thank you for using Lantern Books.

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