Comprehensive English for Primary Schools 2

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Comprehensive English for Primary Schools 2

• The most current primary school English texts which were first published in 2003 adopting the modular approach and revised in 2004, have now been reviewed in line with the UBE curriculum adopting the thematic approach.
• Books come with Teachers’ Guide and Activity Books.
• The books are pupil-centred i.e. allow pupils to participate actively in the teaching-learning process.
• The books equip the pupils with knowledge of everyday life situations e.g. daily activities pupils can identify with, such as personal hygiene.
• They contain many passages that inject a sense of nationalism and patriotism in the pupils.
• Treat the use of the dictionary extensively in book 5, ensuring better understanding of words
• The books fully treat all parts of English i.e. lexis/structure, comprehension, writing and oral English.
• The books incorporate the three domains of learning i.e. affective, cognitive and psychomotor rather than laying emphasis mainly on the cognitive domain.

ISBN: 978-978-8196-23-5

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